Maps. Your way

Since 1989 Aquaterra has stood for personalized geographic information and communication. Our company offers a wide variety of services around creating and processing geodata.

A multidisciplinary team of specialists in the areas of geoscience, graphic design and IT guarantee you high quality cartographic work with geographic accuracy.


Creating, converting, correcting and publishing geographic data in every form has been our area of expertise for more than 25 years: geocoding lists of addresses, georeferencing historical maps, building geodatabases, analysing 2D or 3D geodata, converting raster and vector file formats, setting up (geo)web services…


In our Mapshop we offer more than 1500 free digital base maps for the whole world. These open-licensed maps are based on OpenStreetMap data and are also used as a foundation for our own map production.


Do you have your own specific map project in mind? Does graphic design play an important role and are you looking for a personalized approach? In consultation with you we collect the necessary data and design and publish your map on the web and for publishing.


Creating, converting, correcting and publishing geographic data for more than 25 years.