Police and Emergency services

Type of map: detailed map, digital file

Date: 2016

Publisher: Firefighters Brussels

Scale: 1/10 000

This map was made for digital usage at the firefighters Brussels' dispatch. Simple colour usage was used to have the borders and streetnames contrast the background.

Firefighters Brussels

Type of map: folding map, magnetic board

Date: 2016

Publisher: Firefighters Southwest

Scale: 1/40 000

The 'Southeast' fire zone was mapped and published as a folding map, magnetic tiles and a mural sticker.

Firefighters Southeast magnetic board

Type of map: detail- and center map, magnetic board

Date: 2016

Publisher: Police 5359 Bodukap

Scale: 1/25 000

This detailed street map includes the entire territory of Bonheiden, Duffel, SInt-Katelijne-Waver and Putte and a street index.

Policezone 5359 Bodukap