Brussels Capital Region

Type of map: overview map- digital TIFF & GIS

Date: 2011

Publisher: BIM (Brussels Institute for Environmental Management)

Scale: 1/27 000

The project consists of the creation of cartography "Brussels, green city" for inclusion in a printed publication. This card was also available in GIS format. The base map is a map of the "easy street plan" with the focus on tourism and recreational elements and mobility. Besides its own source data, Aquaterra also used external geo-information from Brussels Environment - IBGE and other agencies (STIB, TEC, De Lijn, ...).

Brussels Green City

Type of map: detail map - folding map & brochure

Date: 2016

Publisher: Service Mobility Brussels

Scale: 1/15 000

The project consists of the production of a brochure with associated folding map. The graphic design and cartography were conducted by Aquaterra, with a printed brochure and folding map as final products. The map is generated from the position of the cyclist or pedestrian, indicating relief, slopes, low-traffic roads, walking times, ... on waterproof and tear resistant paper.

Hiking & biking map